About Us

Our Brand

"Be happy, Be healthy" is a goal that most of us try to achieve in life. At Pro-Health Vita, we want to go one step higher for our customers: we want you to "Be happier, Be healthier."

Our mission is to become your first choice in nutritional supplement products through superior product quality and outstanding customer services.

Our Story and Standards

After many years of involvement in the dietary supplements industry, we went through ingredients identification and selection, product research and development, manufacturing and quality control processes, which are essential to ensure the highest quality of our products. With a deep understanding of the products in the supplements industry, we created the O!Vita brand with the highest quality to better serve our customers:

      • "Less is more" not "the more the better" - the right amount of ingredients is important to ensure the best results. Our trusted R & D team stays current with the latest development in the industry and creates innovative formulations informed by the scientific research.

      • Quality means safety - we strictly adhere to quality and safety rules. All of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. in an NSF registered and GMP certified facility. All products are independently tested and certified for best quality assurance.